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Home Brewing Preparations: Ingredients and Equipment

From previous years and until now, many people desire the beer drinking activity. It has been a sort of pleasure among friends, relaxation approach for people who are tired from work, and according to some health publications, are healthy when taken minimally. Because of this, beer and brewing products have developed to become popular industry nowadays.

If you consider buying beers from the closest beer shop is kind of a monotonous pursuit and you like to experience some new in beers, then probably you could simply make a beer by yourself. In this way, you may able to save a lot of money from purchasing beers in the market and customize it based on your own preferences.

Home Brewing Products and Equipment

To be successful in brewing your own beer, you should the right ingredients and equipment.

Some Important Home Brewing Ingredients

Malt Products – barley and wheat are usually used although “unmalted” grains such as rice and corn are common as well. The malt provides sugar that is utilized by yeasts during fermentation process. After the whole brewing process, the malt actually is responsible for the strength of your home-brewed beer.

Yeasts – these are actually microscopic fungi that are important in the process of fermentation. It uses the sugar in malt to convert it to alcohol and carbon dioxide. These compounds is the reason why beers are popular.

Hops – a plant part that gives beer the bitter taste and aroma. Successfully adding bitterness is carried out during the early stage of brewing. In contrast, beer aroma is best achieved by adding this ingredient in the final stage. Moreover, hops are great ingredients to extend the life of beer.

Water – beer is composed of 90% water. It may also determine the quality of the beer i.e., good quality water makes a good quality beer.

Basic Home Brewing Equipment

Brew Kettle and/or Brew Pot – top quality stainless steel are recommended though aluminum materials are fantastic also.

Fermenter – choices of plastic or glass beer fermenter.

Airlock – locks out oxygen and other contaminants but effectively get rids of carbon dioxide from the fermenter.

Racking Cane – syphoning beer out of the fermenter is made possible through this equipment. Auto syphons are available and a great choice for convenient syphoning and least risk of contamination.

Waterproof Thermometer: helps obtain the optimal temperature in brewing.

Bottles – as container for beer after brewing process.

Cleaning compounds (not detergent) – safe chemicals that are effective in eliminating contamination before and after brewing beers.

Where to Find Brewing Products and Equipment?

Home brewing products and tools are available in local retails as well as online brewing shops. But always opt for a reputable shop, so you can guarantee a wide variety of choices of top quality brewing products and equipment.

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